Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A CRAZY day in Kindergarten!

Very creative!  

Some of us enjoyed the purple cows this week far more
than the green smoothies last week!  :)  

Practicing our pictographs!

Our three step plan!

The turkey escape plan! 

Writing our pictograph stories!
Check back tomorrow to see what we did with them!

We are looking for signs!

We went for a drive to finish up our transportation unit today.
Ask us about the signs we saw!

Monday, November 23, 2015

November Fun!


Sight Word Practice!  

Look who came back to kindergarten to help teach!

They are BACK!  A few of my teammates from last year joined us for math
stations today.  They were the expert teachers, and did a GREAT job! 

Our patterns are getting very tricky! 

Grandma Deb got in on the fun as well!
Learning the game of Set can be tricky, but the first graders did a great job of teaching! 

Shooting hoops after we solve a number sentence.  

Today we learned about speech bubbles!